Smart living by design.

KUBIK is the smartest thing going in TMR. It's easy living, easy access, and comfortably close to all the conveniences the neighbourhood has to offer.

KUBIK is also thoroughly modern design, inside and out. With units that feature concrete ceilings, clean lines, and a layout that intelligently maximizes living space.

Kubik's state-of-the-art SmartCondo with Control4 allows new residents to control, monitor and personalize all built-in intelligent technology.

While always staying connected to your condo, new residents can access their home through the MyHome App on the iPad Mini or any other Smart Phone or Tablet Device. By a single touch of a button, users can set the mood for a night in or shut-down their condo before heading out with intelligent air conditioning control and synchronized intelligent audio/lighting settings, for a green and more energy efficient lifestyle.

Maximize the condo lifestyle by benefiting from the latest technology in home automation and begin to experience what today's SmartCondo lifestyle has to offer.

Smart Living has never been made so easy.

All this, starting at $149k.

KUBIK. Where smart thinking leads to smart living.